• At Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy, visits are one on one and always with the same physical therapist. Sessions are 45 minutes to one hour long (dependent upon your condition and your schedule).
  • At Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy, in addition to office-based services, we provide visits in your own home or in your own office. Home-based therapy is NOT just for the elderly. Many people could benefit from this unique service.
Sarah Ruvinsky working on patient's neck

Here are some examples of how home/on-site visits could benefit you:

Limited Mobility: Home visits can be beneficial for anyone with limited mobility, including the elderly, and patients recovering from surgery.
Childcare Demands: Getting out for therapy twice a week with a new baby at home can be a hardship. We offer home visits that allow you and your baby to participate in therapy together. You will learn things like proper body mechanics for lifting and carrying your child, as well as new postural strategies for sitting while breastfeeding or during playtime on the floor. As an added convenience, we can schedule the session to coordinate with naptime!
Privacy: Some patients would rather not be treated in the middle of a large gym full of people. Your home provides a private and familiar environment so you can focus on your rehab without distraction.
Convenience: It can benefit people with challenging schedules or anyone who just prefers the convenience of having someone bring the therapy to you!
Home environment: Many chronic problems are exacerbated by common, every day activities that occur in your home. How you recline on the couch, sit at your desk, or sleep in your bed can play a major role in your rehabilitation. We can evaluate your home for these risks and make recommendations for ergonomic solutions to correct them.
On Site Ergonomics: Making on-site visits allows us to evaluate the physical setup of your workstation and the tools you use, so we can help you and your employees reduce the risk of injury.
Fall risk assessment: Trips and falls are the most common type of accident in the home, especially for the elderly. We evaluate your home for fall risks and hazards and make suggestions for eliminating them.

  • Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need machines to get stronger. In fact, people often injure themselves when using machines without proper supervision and guidance. We believe that there are many other even more effective ways of gaining strength. Here are some examples of how we promote strength without the use of machines:

1. Equipment needs vary depending on the functional level of the patient. We bring all equipment suitable to your present functional status and bring progressively more challenging equipment as you progress. This includes resistive bands, weights, sports cords, foam rolls, and balance training equipment like the BOSU trainer and wobble boards.
2. As indicated for your condition, we incorporate a progression of closed kinetic chain exercises. Closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercise is defined as an exercise or movement where the arm or leg is fixed to an object that is stationary, such as push ups for the upper extremity and squats for the lower extremity. CKC exercises work multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously and are more functional than exercises typically performed on machines at the gym.
3. A physical therapists’ most valuable “piece of equipment“ is their hands. Providing specific, therapist guided, manual resistance to groups of muscles, ensures that the proper contraction is being performed, and can be the most effective tool in promoting functional strength and neuromuscular re-education.

  • We are not the same as a home health agency.
    When the hospital sends a home health agency to your home after a hospitalization, this is considered by your insurance company to be an extension of the hospital stay. Because of this, the number of visits approved by insurance for in home therapy is usually very limited and offers the most basic services. At Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy, your visits are equivalent to those in outpatient facilities and can usually be extended over a longer period of time. We offer comprehensive physical therapy services without the hassle of getting to a facility. We also spend more time with you at each visit, allowing you to achieve more of your goals in less time.
guy on a balance ball
  • If you choose to be seen in our office, you can be assured that you will receive the same high quality service you would receive in the home with the exception of making recommendations specific to your home environment.

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