At Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy our mission is to ensure that you receive quality one on one treatment tailored to your individual
needs. We do this by providing hands on manual therapy, customized therapeutic exercise, and neuromuscular re-education strategies.
Our goal is not only to help you return to optimal function, but also to teach you how to maintain these gains, and prevent future recurrence of injury.

We want your therapy experience to be as seamless as possible, which is why in addition to office based services, we also offer comprehensive treatment in your home. This can provide you with both convenience and privacy. We pride ourselves on the ability to help you achieve all of your goals in the comfort of your own home.

At Sara Ruvinsky Physical Therapy, you will improve your quality of life and enjoy the experience.

Sara Ruvinsky helping a woman on a balance ball perform physical therapy exercise

Quality one on one treatment tailored to your individual needs

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